Sunday, March 23, 2014

Such Talent at Empty Spools Seminars

My Painted Quilt Art Class pretty much blew me away.... lots of courage and talent .  I'm like a proud mama.

Dede created a triptik of 3 delicious looking pear images. Dede came with a plan... knowing how the 3 pears would be showcased in her home. Kudos!  Click on photos for enlarged view.
She likewise interpreted this bright floral .

Grace G. interpreted aheavily shadowed photo of her hubby John and their now 25 year-old grandson. There are mighty adoring eyes on this young man.  Click on photos for enlarged view.
After the challenging first portrait, Grace quickly created this current day portrait of John. He has truly beautiful blue eyes.  The  above shirt textures were both created with fabric texture rubbing sources placed under the fabric before rubbing the ink-loaded fantastix across the top surface. Slick!!!
I had an abstract drawing that was totally up to Grace on how to paint.  Lots of chances here to use rubbing plates.  I brought a bunch of them for student use.
Quite a prolific painter, I'd say!

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