Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Beginning a Commission

I am starting a piece of a handsome drum player.  I began with a monochromatic reference photo manipulated in photoshop by someone else. The black,grey,white scheme was impressive and so we are staying with that.  This will be created as a circular painting, later to be inset in another fabric.

This won't be a large piece (maybe 19"width) so the portrait work is fairly tiny. I used the brush tip of a  Fabrico marker, and a pentel Gel Roller for Fabric for early portrait details... I like the gel roller as much and maybe better than micron pigmas  for small work because in this case, I wanted dark black inking.
Now I'm starting to block in where drums will be( all black) and use my Tsukineko inks in grey to start giving contour to his face and shirt.  This is definitely a less is more game.
I'll be softening his hair a bit as I move on, but he is definitely starting to take shape.  I try to take my time on portraits... not hurry the finish too quickly. I like the surroundings blocked in for a good overall picture /view before I start tweaking here and there.
 More to come but I so enjoy doing portrait work.  Click on photo/s for enlarged view.

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