Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sign Me Up and Get Ready for the Finish

Signing my quilt translates to" I am done" so I love this process.  I will often place my signature in places they can be seen though not always evident without really looking for them. On this one... the signature is going in full view as this is part of a multiple artists collection honoring Libby Lehman.  I am using a 40 wt. thread.. quilted forward  in script then back tracked.   I can take advantage of the quilted in green curves as my guide otherwise I would normally mark an upper and lower guide line.
The last name is started but you can see how different and 'weak' only one direction of quilting looks.  I did back track and dot the eye before calling it done. 
 This is a thank you learning from Ruth McDowell.  

So the quilt is dampened and blocking flat . It will be another day before I can start the outright finish, but in the meantime, I have my sleeve ready, my  binding, and the back label that includes a photo of the finished quilt. 

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