Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Quilting The Buffalo Warrior

Quilting this Black and White pen and ink drawing for a friend is both a pleasure and challenge. The Buffalo warrior  ( partially seen) breaths out  life spirit as the pony warrior follows in concert with an Eagle spirit (not seen). As explained to me by the pen and ink painter, there is a significant ''Native American' message in the image translated by my friend.  I will show some elements of this project but as it isn't my own quilt, I am limiting exposure out of respect to the owner.
                                              (c) copywritten image

In addition to the piece just shown, I've been working on this a good while juggling both projects in each of my different work locations ( One in my mountain home, the other in my studio at the base of the mountain.)
The first question... threads... I used only 2 different threads as I wanted the drawing to keep center stage...   quilting's job was to help showcase the story already told.  Enhance... don't distract... is my goal!

 The plan:  One white 40 wt thread ( a hair warmer white than the base white fabric) would appear in open white areas.  The minor value change in this thread value will help the quilting visibility without saying " I'm another color!"  
One very fine clear  monofilament to quilt where needed, but NOT  really seen much.  This would predominately be in areas where pointillism (small dots)  were used.
You can see both uses here... the hair and face of the warrior on the left is all in monofilament... just  doing the job of securing the quilt sandwich where called for.  The warriors face echo and breath is quilted in the slightly off white thread. There rest of the bubble fill is the chest/body of a buffalo.
The chasing painted pony's body should not detract at all from the buffalo's body  so a simple micro stipple is there purposely to draw NO attention away.
The moon-like medallion area behind the pony warrior has first been marked (Erasable Frixion Pen)  with a Native American symbol that seemingly compliments symbols and forward movement of the overall drawing.  Marked in blue and stitched...

Iron heat to remove markings and show the result.   
I have more to do but you may have accurately concluded I am quilting from the inside (center) outward. 

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Laura T said...

I love this piece - the strength and spirit that is represented. You quilting really complimented the art:-)