Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Day at the Fair

A few days back, an invite from friends Peggy and Mary to go the the L A County Fair was just what I needed. Given the ladies involved, it was clear there would be laughs( there were plenty) ... and I wanted to get to the Fair and see how my hubby's breadmaking faired (no pun intended).  His Golden Raisin Bread .. .a 1st place.  His white bread.. a 2nd place. He was pleased. Ray has been making bread the old fashioned way for 30 years.

 The Barnyard races were a hoot. Our team( 3rd gate)  pig ( orange neck scarf)  won first place on the first race.

Our gate 3 orange scarfed pig took third in his second race but now that I look at this '' off and running" start of race photo, I see why and view 3rd as a good finish.
You can click on photos for enlarged view.

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Sewgirl said...

I used to live down in LA and went to the county fair every year. I really miss it, as there is no other fair I have been to that is as huge and amazing as the LA county fair. Glad you had fun!