Thursday, September 18, 2014

Quilting "Fly Be Free"

Remember Mork and Mindy back in the day when Mork  learned birds begin life inside an egg then threw an egg in the air and said " Fly Be Free." Well... thats where this title comes from. Such a talent for the ages...
I had painted this little bird a while back ( mini therapy during the hubby in wheelchair days)  .. now to quilt!  I painted this little bird on a light value yellow stonehenge and decided I liked the fringed out bottom edge and wanted to incorporate it in the finished piece...  so the question in addition to "how to quilt?" was also " how to sandwich?"
 First... before sandwich time I marked an on point double grid behind the bird. I LOVE frixion pens.
Then I stitched the top edge of the fringe to the backing where I also placed a finished edge at the bottom.. THEN inserted batting.
 I secured the bird and limb with .004 monofilament.  I liked the bird surface and didn't think threading to be necessary. Now to quilt. Free motioned grid done. (I use a heat blower to erase the frixion pen  lines).
Next the lower area: There was not a clear pattern in the painting so I kept it sort of ethereal... not too formal on purpose. I think that made a nice contrast to the structured grid.
I thought the side areas  might look okay using linear vertical curves...

Then the very top  an open circular pattern I call Curly Q.
I'm pleased with the overall. ( The dots on the lower edge are markings on my cutting table... duh...   looks like beads tho... Nope!
Next post.. I'll face this puppy.. i.e. birdie.

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Vicki W said...

Oh wow, that's lovely! Your quilting is perfect.