Monday, September 22, 2014

Flight Of Fancy

As with the previous post, I had another media mixer class 'top' that called for quilting. On this piece, I  had used a yellow background fabric atop which I had attached  ( using matte medium) tissues   and handmade papers. I then  had added stencil elements and even scribble pencil  orangeish color ( w/ Prismacolor ) around some elements
I generally begin by stitch outlining to secure element edges.
Then begin at the central area to add filler quilting. I am not a feather quilter queen(yet)  but did figure out how to use unstructured feathers to cover open space.  
I then work my way around the piece adding filler stitching where I think it's helpful.
Even some stitching within outlined tissue elements (upside down because the first photo of it above is also )

Lots of fun. I learned how to feather a bit and hopefully will improve in that area. 

Click on photos for enlarged views

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