Friday, September 19, 2014

Facing The Bird

Okay... It's quilted as shown on 9-18-2014 posting   ... now to face it.
Above... I added a small strip ( sort of like adding a border after the fact)  on all but the lower fringed edge. ( I think I used 2" strips but could easily have used smaller... maybe 1 1/2"  to 1 3/4". In adding these after quilting strips, I  stitched  them with an approximate  1/8" seam. See below.

After pressing the strips outward... I returned to the front ( see below) and stitched a 'stay' stitch just off the edge of the seam that added the strips and within that 1/8" seam allowance. You can almost see where the seam allowance is as the pale yellow strip is shadowed beyond the 1/8" seam allowance.  I use the inside edge of  my 1/4 inch foot to guide my now 1/16" line from the 'ditch'.  You might also note at the far right, I turned under the very outer edge of these strips about 1/4" or so and stitched them.  This will be important in the hand finish part of facing.
 Shown below... Steam iron or spray iron press and roll the side 'borders to the back.( look to see that 1/16" stay stitch in a straight line)  and pin to cool.   If you see that line from the back... you've done a good job rolling back the quilt edge.   The finished inside edges get whip stitched as you would a binding.  Once the two sides are done, the top can be done similarly though to eliminate excess bulk, I cut out all possible excess at the corners. When I turn the top edge to the back, I usually hand miter and then whip stitch.
Add your sleeve and label and you are done.
This was a fun quick project.

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