Saturday, November 21, 2015

Best Wishes from Sedona

One whole week in paradise.... One can hardly take a bad picture in Sedona... everything from nature seems beautiful.... okay.... this frog isn't gorgeous... but his sculpture sits in Tlaquepaque  and he's blowing kisses to passers by.
This shot taken from the walkway to The Chapel of The Holy Cross below..  In the distance.. Bell Rock which for me is the welcome sign coming into Sedona.
Frank Lloyd Wright had a hand in this Chapel nestled within and colored-to-match  the red rocks of Sedona.
View from inside.
I did work on a project while in sedona... but it's just not ready fro prime time photos.   I've already booked 2 weeks next year for returning.    So much good energy in this beautiful valley of red rock mountains.

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Robbie said...

On one of our last trips (BD - before dogs!) we spent a day in Sedona...shops were so interesting and the desert scene too beautiful too express in pictures or words. A sight you have to see for yourself. I never got to see the chapel...beautiful! Thanks for sharing...