Sunday, November 1, 2015

Aldo Luongo

Okay Okay... not an art quilter but a most interesting artist.  He paints many subjects particularly beautiful females but it is interesting that Aldo  Luongo is a painter which even as a young man also began to paint himself as an old man, in this case enjoying a taste of port.  His paintings normally contain vibrant colors with a great deal of movement in them.  

 I love that in the piece below, Luongo is seemingly leaning against a wall, taking a short break!     This piece below is different.   A few years ago I happened upon this fine art print charcoal sketch (essentially of himself )  titled "The Work Goes On!"
Decades back, when the Kennedy Center first opened in New York, a then young Luongo was the artist in residence and this image of an older Luongo was offered for sale at the opening.

Ted Kennedy as well as Aldo Luongo have original signatures on this piece.
Why do I like this so? It is a reminder to me to lean back, take a break!
 I needn't be a slave to work.  There will be time !   ...after I finish teaching/blogging! ;-D

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