Sunday, November 22, 2015

Headed to Road

A couple years back, I created an art quilt  called Winter Hunt showcasing a Mountain Lion in search of prey. I loved that piece and have a large giclee for my own enjoyment. (Numbered giclees still available if of interest ) Contact me via my web site ( contact info.

(c) patt blair 

Winter Hunt  lives with it's purchasing owner.       ...... and  now

... I have a new piece titled Summer Hunt... probably more  commonly representative of a mountain lions search for food.  Here's a closeup of this young cat stalking prey beneath the rocky cliff from which he 'watches and waits.'  .... The piece in entirety will be seen for the first time at  January 21-24 2016's  Road To California Quilt show in Ontario, Ca. and as I am told will be featured in an upcoming newspaper article about the uniqueness of todays' quilt shows specifically Road To California.  . My thanks to "Road" and Carolyn Reese for that honor. ( see

Click on photo for enlarged view.  Yep.. I used plenty of thread on his coat!
                            (c) patt blair

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Robbie said...

Yes, there is a lot of stitching!! Beautiful...would love to see in person! Congrats!