Thursday, November 12, 2015

Searching For Turmoil

I decided I would take on a different challenge... an abstract one at that. This one to represent whatever TURMOIL means to me.  So I am first playing on canvas with acrylics as I want quick dry time.  I think... the end result will become a fine art giclee on fabric. We will see!   What I think of for 'turmoil'... It includes darkness, and swirling confusion. It contains more than one element of confusion and can't be too clearly defined... as turmoil is seldom really clear.  
So my first thought was to paint blackness,  leaving some irregular unpainted space where some other image/s might go.

I then added an ethereal electric light value turquoise.. a favorite color of mine.... so what better challenge to myself but to use a color I love to create something I don't!   At first blush... there seemed too much broad areas of light. 

So I broke up areas  with here and there black.  Better... but honestly...  I wasn't that thrilled... this chaos that comes with turmoil seemed a bit more orderly than I wanted to portray.
So I (black) painted over everything but the very outer edges of this 28 x 38 canvas...  Once dried..
I gave myself less than 5 minutes with a 'dry brush' fan brush of light turquoise to create my own feeling of turmoil. I feel I previously spent too much time trying to create the 'perfect turmoil.'  Silly me!  It didn't convey the kind of indecisive feeling I wanted. 

 I am painting this with the thought of how I might use thread to enhance this piece. Thread will be highly important.   I have a plan... it's loosely hidden in my head... 

The image I think I will use reads a bit dark below. I quickly learned it is hard to photograph a mostly black image and get it to stay black and still keep the foreground color visible.  It will be a couple months before I get this onto fabric and on the machine. Stay tuned! ;-D  patt 

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Robbie said...

The 2nd to last pic is my favorite. What a cool concept and piece of art! Very cool!