Sunday, May 29, 2016

My talented Artist Hubby

One of the many reasons I was attracted to  Ray ( my hubby) is that he's a busy  and interesting guy. He is leaving in 2 weeks on a walkabout in Australia ( backpack... hostels, etc)  and  upon his return he hopes to offer the following stained glass in an Arizona Gallery. One of the reasons Ray was interested in me is I have a ton of art supplies/ he can borrow MY stuff!  ;-D
Well, there may have been other reasons, but whatever the case, it all works well for us. A few pics of recent stuff.. pretty reasonably priced as I see it. Contact (( if interested in any of these items. All come framed in either metal or wood edges with closed chain affixed top left and right.  Click on photo for enlarged view.
Ray is also a lifelong runner .. Everyday.... at least five miles.  Runner's High... 22 5/8" x 17 1/4" $300.
My personal favorite.... Mountain Sunrise ( 20" x 19.5") $385 ... includes multiple varieties of near clear  textured glass . We put the original in our front door. Love it!
We are surrounded by jays in this mountain canyon.   Noisy Jay - 18.25" x 20"   $270.   The darker perimeters( beyond the clear glass seen here are actually reflections of the rock canyon walls beyond the clear rippled glass. 
The most complicated piece ( most pieces  and challenging  glass cuts) is this Fire Dragon  ( 13.25" x 23.5 ")  $280     Dragon is surrounded by opaque BLACK glass.
 Merlin is quite a guy... The 'crystal ball' in the center significantly changes what is viewed through it.   Again.... the rock walls of the canyon appear beyond the rippled clear glass on the perimeter.  This is the largest of pieces shown... is framed in hardwood... $350
Lastly ( for now at least) a small sweet red rose surrounded by black glass. 8.75" x 12"  $85.00
Dare I say he is in his studio working on yet another right now.


Robbie said...

Beautiful work! And workmanship!! It's obvious why you were both attracted/meant for each other!!!

Sally Poke said...

What part of Australia is your husband walking? Any chance it is the state of Tasmania?
Bye from Sally in NW Tasmania

Patt Blair said...

Hi Sally.. Tasmania remains on his bucket list.. this walkabout will take him in and around the Perth area. We both just read a book called A Light Between Oceans ( great book) about happenings in and around Janus. Too bad this trip doesn't pass your way. He'd love a visit with you. Thanks for the note Sally. ;-D patt