Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Hour with 2 "Tickets To Fly" =s One Long Siesta

Okay.. I have now had my quota of slushy fruity drinks that knock you out. I ordered my favorite meal... Fresh Ceviche (white sea bass with papaya relish)and tapas (chips) plus a happy/fresh drink called a Ticket to Fly. I was sooooo relaxed, I immediately returned to my room for a nap.

At least I have started on a portrait... Remember the 2 week back blog photo of the little girl in the open market in Quito, Ecuador! I am compelled to turn this photo into an art piece. The drawing lies under the cloth.. so early on in a painting, especially when ink is wet, one can sometimes see my drawing through the fabric. I think this will be a meaningful piece for me as I so clearly remember the mood and feeling of the marketplace filled with so many people struggling in poverty.

Just beginning...

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