Monday, July 13, 2009

Close To Done

Grandkids arriving so the inks/paints will go away for a bit... but my little lost girl from Ecuador is about painted. Theres alot to know about the children of Ecuador. So many young children abandoned, either by mothers too young to be mothers.. sometimes having been unwilling sexual partners as well, or very very poor parents cannot support them, sometimes slight or even major disfigurements (cleft palate, etc) prompt their abandonment. There is no punishment for abandoning children in the country UNLESS they are abandoned in an unsafe place. The orphanages we visited there and worked at are 100% privately funded, largely by loving Americans. American Doctors/Surgeons go to Ecuador quarterly to do corrective surgeries without cost. Impressive!!! So many Americans doing good work. We worked with "For His Children", a wonderful residential ministry founded and managed by Clark and Melinda Vaughn from the U.S.

Here's my little gal we found in the open market in Quito, Ecuador, the capital. It will get quilted and fine tuned at home.

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