Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer of "Changes"

Okay, this may only be funny to me. As some know, each year I participate in a traveling exhibition with a great bunch of artists. We are now prepping for the Season of Summer. "Spring" is presently touring across the country ending tour the end of this calendar year while Summer will begin touring in January 2010 at Road To California. Those that have seen Spring Break know that for traveling exhibits, I love to just have fun... poke fun, show fun, or the like.

Spring Break 2009

This "Summer" Season is planned to reflect how men change. A planned stare and compare of the Summer of 1941 ( when my hubby was a mere baby ).... and well ....this summer..... I'm sure you will notice how much things have changed!

Summer of '41:

This Summer:

Now to quilt when I get back to the states! :-)

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