Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Home to Great News

Finally home from Cabo... nearly as hot here at home. It has taken me til today to get unpacked, pick up mail at the post office and find that 2 of my quilts have been juried in to Houston International in October. Funny.. they want them to arrive over 2 months before the show.. like next week actually.... so have to finish 1 label and get 'em shipped post haste.
Both are in the painted quilt art category...
One : Winters Hunt... most recently finished. I can't begin to guess how much thread is on this piece.

The other " In The Beginning" was finished late last year. This one is about discovering/experimenting, and has great personal family significance since I 'scribbled' things on the quilted asphalt that my young grand kids repeatedly drew. This is currently on display at my church so I need to go get it.

It's such an honor to get accepted at Houston. I am teaching there again this year as well as at Road to California in January.(www.road2ca.com) Should be great fun!

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Cher in BC said...

Congratulations on both of your quilts going to Houston Patt. I do like them both, but Winters Hunt is fabulous, it's my favorite. Good luck
Cher in BC