Thursday, July 23, 2009

Someone wanted to know about these Bulldogs.

Argh! Have you ever lost an email you hadn't answered? For the quilter from the asking about this piece, my apologies, but here's some general info about these dogs. I painted and quilted this piece to emphasize to students that even clip art is a great place to start for pictoral paintings. These doggies were actually from a royalty free coloring book... just a simple line drawing. So I had the original 8 1/2 x 11" image enlarged (in black and white) by 400% at the print shop. Then I was off to the net to research coloring for English Bulldogs. Once I had color sample photos in hand, I painted the images on white cotton using pigment inks and heliographic paints. I first painted the father, then pup. I had assumed the dog on the left was female and became a bit annoyed that even in the canine world, females wrinkled more than their male counterpart. Happily, I was advised by someone familiar with the drawing shown elsewhere, that this was a 3 generation portrait, so I'm of the belief this 3rd dog is grandpa. You Bulldog owners that really know can set me straight if you know otherwise. Anyway, it was great fun to paint and quilt. Hope you like it.

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