Saturday, September 19, 2009

Almost all flowered!

Egads... Gardening the back side of this dress has become my life... Almost done with the florals tho.

Relearned learning no. 1. .. why do we do this to ourselves? I thought I'd try doing a few florals with only 2 values for dark and light (because I didn't have 3 values of thread in the same hue). I was unhappy with the way the 2 value work was going... so I had to do some shopping. Oh darn! :-)
Three values(dark, medium, light) seem to work better for me.

Sometimes adding a variegated will do the trick too.

Relearning No. 2 .. With such close stitch lines (one to another) use caution when stitching atop a previous stitch line as this creates greater stiffness in the overall project. I've done that some here and regret it. Oh well!


Karen S said...

Patt, your work is beautiful. I'm just learning to work with inks and I was wondering what kind of batting you use in your quilts. I love the close and dense quilting you do. Thanks, Karen S

Patt Blair said...

HI Karen.... thank you for the nice words. 'I try"! Do know that dense quilting can easily stiffen the piece.... but it's going on the wall, so I guess it's okay. Judges in shows ( if they don't have an artists sensibility,) sometimes get frustrated that the piece doesn't feel like a traditional quilt. But.... we do what we enjoy, right?

I like Matilda's Own batting from Australia. It's a wool/poly blend. Less exspensive than pure wool. It's light weight, quilts thin, easy to needle thru. It can be found on the web... less often in stores. Google it.... you'll find it. I will admit, I experimented on this current piece to see what 2 layers of batting might look like. It looks okay, but 2 layers added to stiffness, so I won't do THAT again. It's all a journey isn't it?
Have fun with your work.