Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A snippet of new ideas

If ink isn't for you, this might be. I visited a digitized Gammill longarm quilter friend of mine last week who has been playing with her digitized quilt patterns and colored pencils. Of course, I had to play so Cathy Farris gave me a lil sample of prequilted fabric.
Then I 'colored with colored pencils, followed by a careful application of textile medium. The medium is allowed to air dry.
Finally, the piece can be washed to soften the surface and release excess textile medium. The color remains and the fabric is soft. Pretty cool, eh?

See an update on this subject posted Sept 29th.

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Susan said...

This is VerY cool. Will any kind of colored pencils do or are we talking about watercolor pencils? Does textile medium have any other name, or do we look for this in the art department? Thanks!