Friday, September 4, 2009

Headed for Auction

I'm so excited to get back to art quilting. This already painted piece will (once quilted) become a donated part of a silent auction at Houston International next month. If you are attending Houston this year, this auction is quite a remarkable event. I bought a piece by a well known artist last year for a very reasonable price. In any event, there will be dozens of well known artists pieces available but we all need get them finished and there within the week. So here goes. First to pin..... I can't count how many times in my early quilting days that I caught the loose edges of backing in the quilting stitches. So now I pin the loose edges to the batting too. Soooooo little time to save what could be hours of "unquilting"

I'm not much for marking my quilts, but for the intricate veined wings of a dragonfly, I at least pencil off major areas of pattern differences.

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