Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yes I really have been painting

This is new for me.... I used to paint on paper(watercolor) now fabric... but my church figured out I knew how to paint and I'm doing canvases to support sermon series. It's actually pretty fun and causes me to experiment ( we love trying new stuff, don't we?!)
Mu church begins a new sermon series in 2 weeks all about asking questions about Jesus.Here are a couple canvasses done so far. These aren't intended to be fine art pieces.... somewhat graphic, simplified messages wherein the viewer fills in the blanks for themself. Remember all those rubbing plates so many of us bought? They make pretty good background "stamps' on canvas. The message on this first one... It's fine to ask questions.

Who ever heard of a purple Jesus? He seemed friendly this way.

This second on the power of love:

I'm enjoying incorporating some dimensional pieces.

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