Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Back at it! Gettin Ready for Road

I'm working to finish up a painting for my annual traveling exhibit with the Noble Seasons group. I did part of this this summer in Cabo San Lucas... but now my 2 figures(one shown here) are floating on a large piece of fabric so I need to ground them. So I drew some simple drawings of tug boats and rubber duckies as part of a nursery quilt design. Because I am working on a skin tone fabric ( not my normal sheer white) I placed the drawing atop my large glass dining table which I will turn into an oversized light box so I can see the drawing more easily. NOTE: If you create an original drawing on paper to lay underneath fabric, make certain you have used a permanent marker so as to avoid the marker bleeding thru when things start getting wet with ink or paint later.

I clipped a portable light to a dining chair which I move about as I need it.

It's pretty hard to see the lines without a light underneath.

The light underneath sure helps.

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