Thursday, December 17, 2009

Liquid Amber "Gold"

Things are heating up for hectic holidays... so I wanted to STOP for one second to appreciate nature. At home up the mountain it is definitely WINTER... COLD and snow. 15 minutes down the mountain, just outside my studio door is this exquisite FALL colored liquid amber. Pictures don't really do justice to this breathtaking tree. Click on photo for enlarged image.
I am not a botanist but 'am fascinated with the dangling pods on the liquid amber tree. Anybody know what they are called?

I must admit, I'm glad I don't have to rake up the leaves that will soon be falling off this tree. STAY WARM all.

Posting Update: THANK YOU for the comments about the name of this tree and the name of the hanging pod. It seems this tree has different names in different parts of the states as this is also known as an American Sweet Gum.... and the hanging pods are also known as .... go figure "Monkey Balls!" I love Google!


Susan said...

Looks like an American Sweetgum to me...are those star shaped leaves?

Susan said...

They are sweetgum balls from the American Sweetgum tree