Monday, February 8, 2010

Creativity abounds in Palm Desert

What a great group of ladies!!! Palm Desert and Monica's shop are unique places on the planet. First, Monica's Quilt and Bead shop is spectacular..definitely worth a visit. Monica hosted a Super Bowl Sunday sale including giant hoagie sandwiches sliced up for lunch for all. This is one special shop owner. Now to our class. We were a diverse and interesting group... so many diverse talents beyond and including quilting. We had an exceptional doll maker, award winning quilters, quilt related software developers, and surely things I missed. Students came from as far away as Vancouver B.C., Washington State. Good time of year to be here rather than there.

This was exciting for me...Everyone was painting something different... The first time ever in this type of class: Several Portraits (both human and animal), naturescapes of all kinds. I so enjoyed this group of great ladies. Here are some of the painted results... many with a bit of background work to do... but WOW... MANY of this group had never painted. What spectacular results!

There were beautiful ladies, some dancing, some just plain beautiful.

Adorable young family members:

Some furry friends
Santa's kinda furry....

and some special glimpses of nature
ending with a spectacular sunset...

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