Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Proud of My Man

This just came in the mail ..Ray doesn't know YET... that I've posted it!

I married an unusual man.... a good one at that!! Ray is 71, retired history and economics teacher, former world class distance runner (still runs 5 miles daily), and is working on his 2nd degree in 5 years (his 3rd in life). He went to college in Arizona on full scholarship many years back, graduated from Cal Poly last year, and began again this year at Chaffey College like a complete college newbie. He's just exercising his brain, he says. I think he's an inspiration to us all. He's on his 3rd Algebra class in 2 semesters, and low and behold, he made the Deans Honor List. I'm proud of you MR. MAN!!!

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