Friday, February 12, 2010

A new Ginko-like background

I needed a new background fill for this quilting experiment. The central floral image shown a couple days back seemed as if it were floating forward... i.e. on the move... so I wanted a somewhat subtle background that had a leafy feel also moving a bit. So I chose a in and out texture fill that resembled the flair present in ginko (?sp) leaves. I needed to figure this fill out on a practice quilt sandwich. Very valuable effort.
Then to the real deal with subtle variegated thread.
I think this looks okay all in all.... BUT I do think I need to do some more work on the floral and leaves.... They are quilted (in the ditch so to speak) with invisible thread, but I think some visible stitching is called for as well. That will happen later. I have some other commitments to get to.

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