Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Havin' Fun - Goin' Green

Okay okay, I know this isn't a quilting project, but I was recently asked to come up with a quick/fast project introducing people to the idea of paint on fabric so this seemed low cost , fast, and FUN. We're making here a shopping bag for 'green' shopping. The images here are only an idea, so do whatever you think might be fun. First, I assembled paper towels,a bowl of water, a mixing tray, a couple simple brushes,a ready to go canvas shopping bag, a plastic bag to go inside the canvas shopping bag, a rubber stamp with an interesting pattern, a few 'halved fresh vegetables, soft fabric paints
Select 2 or 3 textile paints at any art/craft store like Michaels... or textile medium can be added to acrylic paints instead (follow textile medium instructions for mixing your own stuff)

Position the plastic bag inside the canvas bag so that 'bleed thru' will NOT occur when we get to applying paint.
Get your paints ready...

Then apply paint to a foam stamp ( you can use an inexpensive foam brush... 'works great)
carefully/firmly press stamp onto textile bag surface.
Looks good. Continue pattern across bag surface from one side to the other.
Now the fun of using halved vegetables as stamps. Mushrooms make marvelous stamps as do halved peppers. I was less impressed with the halved broccoli.
I must admit, I got carried away with the finished product.... Next time, I'd stamp with fewer veggies, and skip the lettering altogether.... but... it's your call. This fabric paint product didn't call for any type of heat setting, but you might read instructions on products you use. HAVE FUN!

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