Saturday, July 3, 2010

Adios Amigas y Amigos

CABO SAN LUCAS... Here I come! THIS is why my quilting is suffering... tho...I am having a great time. I've been traveling the last couple months. Early tomorrow, I am headed for 2 weeks at one of my favorite places in the world... Cabo San Lucas... specifically Playa Grande Resort. For years I have spent 3 to 4 weeks each year in Cabo. Now I am splitting equivalent time between Cabo and Sedona(a new love). I have an extra timeshare in Cabo now if anyone is interested in purchasing cheap.. I now have more timeshares than time to use them.
This trip.... One week with friends.. then a second week with Daughter and grandkids. Call me Happy Girl!!!!
I'm taking handwork with me... my camera, a few clothes, and my laptop.....oh...and lots of 'stuff' for my grandkids ( it's a grammies job). I'll try to post if I can. I hope you have some great travel plans too.
I can hardly wait to enjoy one of my favorite cocktails " A Ticket to Fly" served at Finisterra resort ( translates as Land's End),

and FRESH Ceviche y Tapas (Chips) ... Num!
It's not like I LIKE these or anything."
They are sooooooo good, I even photographed them last year! Perhaps the taste is enhanced by being on vacation!

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