Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Plumeria for Hawaii Cruise

To get my class sample photo to the www.worldofquilts.com organizer I painted and partially quilted this plumeria a couple months back. Even then I thought some more work on the palm was called for, so I best get on with it. Sometimes, for me, the inks stand alone.. needing nothing... but this time I thought some more work might enhance the greens.

Using a varigated thread... light to darker green... some additional texture emerges.

When working with nature images, I seldom feel called to make straight lines real straight. Nature doesn't often work that way, so why should we ? :-) Basically straight with occasional slight graceful curves seems more appealing to me.

While I often can manage the placements of lights and darks of a varigated thread, that was not the case working with this image. Where light values happened near the base of a palm leaf or where one dips behind the flower.... the light value was distracting to the eye.... all that to say.... this is one reason ink markers exist! Darken those threads if it helps.

Lookin' better overall....

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