Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm in Mexico and I'm FULL

Surely I have done something besides eating since arriving last Sunday. But food presentation in the restaurants of Cabo are so very colorful, beautiful, and usually as in this case DELICIOSO!
The one restaurant I MUST visit each year is "Mi Casa"in Cabo San Lucas, a place full of color, culture,and plain fun.
Catch this however.... 2 other couples dined with us at Mi Casa. Both are close friends from Southern California. We all lead busy lives and decided to all come to Cabo at the same time so we could spend some relaxed time together. We are still laughing that this even seemed necessary to make us relax and visit. We have had a wonderful time watching World Cup together. Two of we gals (that includes me) are former Womens League Soccer players. We both bowed out of the game when there were lots of 20 year olds running past us like we were almost standing still. One of the fellows still plays with a mens league. It was great fun. We girls privately admitted we were pulling for Spain against Germany only because we three had traveled together to Spain years ago and the men there are just plain gorgeous.

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