Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ink Color Wheel

I've never known why Tsukineko does not display their ink line in color wheel orientation as opposed to numeric lists, but these are their inks in maximum saturation colors as I have generally placed them in color wheel fashion. Bear in mind, they had 36 inks til a couple years back then added 9 so I added the 9 to the wheel I had already begun.
The middle of the wheel are colors I consider neutral brown-like or near black-like colors. Not shown is black, gray, white and metallics of which there are several.
The outer colors from the main clean colored circle are more tints/shades of the main more jewel tone clean colors. Maybe this will be helpful to some of you trying to make color selections. Double click on photo for a close up view with ink color numbers. Update: You are welcome to print this out if it helps. Happy Inking! Patt ( c ) copy write photo 7/2010

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Karen S said...

This is great! Can I have your permission to print out a copy to make my own ink color wheel?