Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Back Home, unpacked, pretty much reorganzied but for some guild contract paperwork and received a note today for IQA ( Houston International) that contracts are in the mail for teaching at The 2011 Festival early Nov. Can't be sure which classes til contracts are done but I know I'm invited to teach.
The is the way this works...
1) They ask you to submit teaching proposals
2) They select all or some of what is proposed, and then send out contracts
A teacher then accepts ( usually) and signs the contract... and the process of getting ready begins even this early.

I proposed some brand new classes in addition to my most common offerings, so we'll see what shows up on the contract. I'll post which classes when I know with certainty.

BTW.... I'm told by a quilter follower My Navy Challenge Quilt ( The Incredible Corsair) is appearing in the newest issue of American Quilter Magazine. My copy has yet to arrive so I haven't seen. They kindly asked for permission late last year and I am surprised it appears so soon.

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