Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Victorian Therapy

Sometimes we want to do handwork.... other times we NEED to. This is a need to time ! I have plenty of work work to do, but there's been some stressful times of late and when that is the case, handwork is my friend and relaxation therapy. How about you?

In 2006, a friend began a Victorian Lady quilt block rotation where each friendship group member would ideally complete 1/2 to a whole block. ( We all trade work ). I loved the project and completed 2 long ago... but recently relieved a friend of her not yet started project block as this was the last block awaiting completion. These are sooooo fun. The pattern is designed for hand embroidery. The project owner defined only that certain gray, and charcoal threads be used on certain parts of the face. After that, WHATEVER! I begin with painted with ink areas, some of which will stand alone, and others will be a back drop for embellishments.
I love the idea of soft boufant (?sp) painted with ink hair that will be accented with embroidery in differing thread values. Before on the LEFT
Partially completed after on the RIGHT

This is not a real new pattern but I snapped a photo on contact info in case this pattern of 12 lovely ladies is of interest to you.
More to come.

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