Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Wacky Clever"

I loved this quilt. I haven't a clue who made it but snapped a pic at a show. It is impressive in it's simplicity
The black holes are not a peek thru to the black drape but are imbedded in this clever piece. I likewise liked the simplicity of the quilt lines. Often times in quilts, where there are alot of straight lines, the minds eye would appreciate some curves. But in this piece, adding curves (beyond the black holes) in quilting would have detracted from the wonderful wacky nature of the quilt top. I learn alot from looking at details of pieces I exceptionally like.

GAME ON! I play a game with myself picturing some things ( like quilting, color, etc) different than they are in reality. It seldom works in my imaginary dreamed up version... so I then KNOW the originator of the piece had an exceptionally great design sense/idea AND I learn from that. Click or double click for closeup view.

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