Sunday, February 20, 2011

Testing Marking Removal

I suddenly had a desire to test the success level of 2 well known stain removers often advertised as great for removing quilt top markings.... I tested Sew Clean... and Mary Ellen's Formula 2. I took a piece of white fabric and marked them up with numerous things both products claimed they were capable of removing... plus a couple things not stated but hopeful me wanted to test. I tested with success on both products... ball point pen, numerous types of pencil markings ( Included #2 pencil, marking pencil, prismacolor, pastel) plus a drop of machine oil, coffee. The two unsupported things I was 'hopeing' it might remove were pigment ink and pigma pen.
I dug in serious heavy make up to test.. and Mary Ellens did a little better than sew clean, but honestly, I think it was the stated removal process that helped produce a stronger result. Simplistic difference in process both of which include applying liquid to stain and allowing it to soak is that one blots (Sew Clean), the other suggests a soft brush to loosen the stain (Mary Ellen's). Both end with a washing! Alas... the pigment ink and pigma pen stains stayed. But since neither product claimed it would remove them, I can't complain. All worth the test. The middle strip is the BEFORE... the top(Mary Ellens) and bottom(Sew Clean) ... the AFTER.
In fairness to both products, tested stains were fresh. The older the stain, the less likely it is to clean up.

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