Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!!!

Phew... The new Gammill Vision is here, overhead lights have been installed, new power feeds, cabinet storage for 'clean' thread , and there IS an underneath back live feed camera to check backside tension. I almost have my 'nest' long arm room ready to go. Now all I need is skill to complete that ACTION phrase in the title. !
So far, this feels like I'm starting ALL OVER as a quilter. Everything is different. So a whole new learning curve begins. The new Vision seems techy cool though. The camera, an on Board FM tuner to listen to radio as I quilt, and probably a bunch of stuff I don't even know about yet.

I do have a studio separate from my home up on the mountains. Since I don't LIVE at the studio condo, that means the garage isn't used to park cars, and thus this big machine has taken up residence in that oversized space. Ofcourse, I am making it homey... I am a quilter and thats what we like. I'm not completely done , but I'm on my way. What I did notice when I lifted the garage door is that people are fascinated... cars stop and back up looky looing (?sp). It feels a bit creepy actually. So some nifty folding patio screens from the local hardware store do the trick to give me some privacy when quilting...and I can see out through the screens but drivers don't see in.
WHY get this machine at all you ask? Actually I ask myself that question, but I have had some very LARGE drawings of painted projects for several years that I just couldn't bear trying to quilt on a domestic sit down. We'll see over time if this was a good idea.

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