Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sometimes you HAVE to just PLAY!

I know this has to have happened to you too. I had soooo much on my plate ( ie.. my to do list) my little head was spinning so I NEEDED to take a day to play and do something outside of my own box. That said, I took a 1 day class with Judy Perez on mixed media on fabric. It's just too fun selecting miscellaneous things you wish to essentially glue, stencil, or stamp onto fabric. I chose an Asian theme because I had several Asian stamps with me, and there were available news clippings from Asian papers, japanese art papers, and chinese restaurant tissues, plus some interesting butterfly/dragon fly tissues I could use. Step one is to lay out the choices and rearrange to my liking. Step two was to carefully 'glue' them down (using matte medium) to the prepainted/dry cotton fabric.. all the while saving room for planned stamped areas. You see some stamps lying on the surface here.
I'll post more soon.

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