Monday, August 15, 2011

Stars in The Sky

One of the special things about Sedona is that one can actually see the Milky Way Galazy at night.... Soooooo many starlike lights!!! Well, thats not the trigger for this quilt of stars I'm playing with, but I love the correlation. I'm embarking on a king-sized gradated/pieced collage of varied sized stars also in varied colors and values. This won't get done quickly with mostly 6" stars, some 9", many 12",and a few 18" plus filler blocks so this will NOT get finished this trip. I know how to make a traditional star of hope and had cutting instructions for straight forward stars like seen in the stacked on the floor small stars shown below. Making the largest 18" star within a star sounds easy, but not so much for me. I got great grades in math but it's been a while. All that to say, I give credit to those that create patterns and cutting instructions.
I have only just begun...

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