Wednesday, August 31, 2011

JURY DUTY BE GONE...Zentangle to relax!

Egads... I'm thrilled I'm off Jury Duty and even more thrilled I was NOT called from my panel to serve on about the ugliest kind of case one could get on involving ... gangs... guns... murder.
Filled with relief, I spent last evening and this a.m. playing with Zentangle... a doodleing form of mental yoga. VERY RELAXING and ADDICTIVE. Much of Zentangle concepts can be applied to free motion machine quilting texture and filler patterns so since I am planning to teach on a Carribbean Cruise next March, I thought one of the 3 hour classes woud be fun with Zentangle... so I decided to play and learn. Wow... it's pretty easy stuff once you give yourself permission to just START. I decided to play and learn on a piece for myself. I need a pocketed apron for my tools when I am longarm quilting. Here's the result of relatively little effort and lovely mind distracting fun.
I started on my pocket with sort of an idea out of a book, but before long, you get the idea and books.. be gone. I needed to practice something kind of tropical for the cruise.... inspiration for some things came from fabric and a 99c store bag, an element of a complex scrapbook paper, a piece of oversized fluffy rick rack, simple stuff in my simple brain, and a 59c palm tree decal.
All you really need from inspiration sources is the basic outline of important shapes. From there... you just start playing with your micron pens and a marker and somehow... it all works.
Color MAY be added later... I haven't decided. Too FUN!!!!!
Books on zentangle are available in lots of places. I got mine from

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Anonymous said...

I bow to you oh great Zentangle master! Again I am inspired by your work and can't wait to go buy a micron pen......the ideas are and b-day gifts on bags and aprons....sorry zenned out for a moment. Love ya, Janmarie