Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fun and Easy Background

I've used this background on a couple pieces and find it easy and fun. It's scroll, then sort of feather ( half heart) then outline going the reverse direction. This makes a happy sort of floral filler where loops are used as needed to reposition for the next floral-like composition.
I'll demo here using darker thread so you can see on my practice quilt sandwich.
First a simple inside/outside scroll returning to the outside edge of the starting area.
Then something half heart like shape headed back toward the scroll entrance.
Now a graceful echo back to the opposite side.
It's your choice to start another composition here or echo yet again to move the other side.
Use loop de loops to transition to a new starting area if desired. Just keep going... ;-)
Keep this idea going til you've satisfactorily filled space. NOTE: All these floral compositions won't be exactly the same nor even the same size. Don't sweat it.... It will look great AND GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO GO SLOWER if you feel greater control.

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shenyon said...

Wow Patt, you could be a teacher on SewCalGal's free-motion quilting challenge! I like this background and have sort of fallen into it by default. Love your work!