Monday, April 9, 2012

Turkey meets Jan's Grandson

Jan Kopf of Northern Calif. loved her mischief-gifted horse "Turkey"... and ofcourse loves her grandson. Their meeting here is a special moment to be remembered always in this wall quilt painted this week at Asilomar in my Painted Quilt Art workshop.
According to Jan, amongst "Turkey's gifts" was the ability to unlock all the other horses stalls to take them 'out to play.'

Jan's Southern Cal. sis Jeanne Palmer-Moore (on left) interpreted an old Palm Springs area Car Wash Sign...just for fun.
Somehow I missed the pic of Jeanne's second painting this week.... Quite a prolific and gifted artist! Jeanne films mixed media training for Quilting Arts TV and has a new Quilting Arts mixed media DVD coming out this summer. I'm watching for it. Can't wait!!!
Jeanne had some of her own artwork printed on her iphone4 hard case. Very cool stuff. I will be checking this option out at

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Carol Culbert said...

Hi Patt--Happy Easter! I forgot that you were going to Asilomar--it looks like you're having fun! I'm almost finished with the quilting on Mt. Rushmore--still have the sky to do!! I'm taking a break tomorrow and getting "out of Dodge". See you on the 20th!!