Friday, April 27, 2012

Lenny Then and Now

I seldom post things this way... but heck... why not?!... Before I go through the steps of a specific art quilting project... I'm going to post a students painted piece, then the bordered and quilted result. First... here's Laurie Sageser's baby boy Lenny. Laurie painted Lenny (her pet) in my Painted Quilt Art Class in February in Havre, Montana. Laurie is an internationally known breeder of 'friends of Lenny'. I'm sure you figured out she loves this guy.
I'm sure glad Laurie says she trusts me, because I took some liberties adding subtle foliage interest in the background and bordering the overall image with a darker border. I seldom add borders at all since I don't always think they are additive, but in this case, it helped support the strong image of the wood on which Lenny rested.
It was great fun coming up with ways to quilt an interpretation of Lennys body surface texture.
I'll post some photos and steps along the way over the next couple days.

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Laurie Sageser said...

Patt you are indeed an artist!!!! I didn't know my beloved Lenny could get better. But you made it happy. His skin is perfect!! I love the whole project. Thanks, you make both mine & lenny's life happy.

Laurie Sageser