Sunday, April 8, 2012

They Rock!!!!!

Such a sense of adventure these women brought to Asilomar. It's a joy as a teacher. The last minute addition to class was author, also teacher, designer Analie Belden of Volcano, Ca ( Analie used my drawings, and took this on like a duck to water creating 2 finished paintings in 4 days.
This is quite a cool deal here... we had an around the room discussion about favorite things used in the "quilting process." Analie uses this construction workers 'tube' designed for holding nails on job site. A squeeze of the tube opens the 'mouth' of the holder to allow ( in this case) safety pins for quilt pinning. I must go to the hardware store soon!

I can't tell you as a teacher how WONDERFUL it is to have such an incredible class hostess like Nonie De Surra. I'm eternally grateful for all the class help Nonie gave to help her peer students have a great class. Nonie.. you are simply the best!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Almost time for breakfast at Crocker Hall. Can't miss our daily force feeding ;-) of spectacular food.

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