Saturday, September 15, 2012

At Doors Edge

In looking at previous posts on quilting the door, you may have noticed a dark shadowed gap between the edge of the door and the beginning of the adjacent rock wall.  I just needed to secure that on black and have done so with a slight back and forth s-curve, again trying to  somewhat  turn the ends and parallel the verticals on each side of the channel.

After the one side is done, I needed to look at the opposite side of the door where the door butts up to a haphazardly masoned brick door jam.  First to audition thread for both the sunlit and shadowed edges.
This straight line work seems like it should be the easiest of all.... but often the easy looking stuff surprises.  Keeping perfectly straight in free motion doesn't come all that easily... but it is definitely doable.Now to transform the mortar to look different than the current puffy marshmallow look.

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