Monday, September 17, 2012

Quilting Adobe Bricks

Well... this should be interesting.... These bricks are basically packed mud intermixed with both imbedded and placed rocks.
The are surely hard but not in the way the red bricks are so neither hard straight lines work nor does alot of curves to my thinking. So I am attacking  the adobe with a mixture of a straight and curved filler.

 After the double around outline of the 'brick'...I begin the mixture of line type fill.  For lack of a better label, I call this the indecisive worm fill...avoiding long straight lines by breaking them up with other shapes, and using both curves and angled quilt line redirection shapes.

This effort will take some time as I admit one gets the cross-eyed feeling after a while. The change of direction might be better seen in this shot of an area at the base of the doorway where rock rather than adobe was used in construction.  The values were stronger in the 'real' structure so I used a darker variegated thread allowing a better pattern view.

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