Friday, September 28, 2012

Quilting The Little Girls Stoop

Showing here is the right side of the stoop front. There is likewise an area twice this width on the left side of the little girls, plus the area shown  one set of pics further down below where their feet rest on the ground in front of their seated position.

First.... I meandered the area just beneath the little girls dresses... ie where they sat. Then I quilted the lighter value curved edge.

Lastly... tackling the vertical width of the stoop front.  Because this was a broad wide area, to minimize the potential for a wrinkle in the rug effect that might be caused by quilting left to right ( or vice versa)... I chose to break things into areas... like... starting to the right of the middle of one segment  and then quilt left to right.. and further diving the left side into added quartiles and moved left to right.  I managed to complete the entire  width of the front of the wide stoop without any surface distortion. YEAH!

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