Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dragonfly revisited a new way

Some of you have seen my sample class option for a dragonfly....

I always tell students at the beginning of class, please change anything you want . Sometimes they do, other times not.  Almost everyone DID in this class. There were such a nice variety of finished paintings. I got a couple here. I call this the Carribean Dragonfly... When I look at this one, I want to take a cruise.!

Then the first ever painted earth tone dragonfly which called also for more muted water colors. Great job Tonya!

I soooo wish I had pics of them all.

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Nina Marie said...

Ohh Patt I do so love your blog! so glad I found it!! Did I invite you to join us at Off the Wall Fridays - its a blog link where art quilters are sharing their creative endeavors for the week? Its super encouraging and motivating!