Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sutter Creeks California Gold

Lucky me!!!  I spent the weekend and part of yesterday in and around Sutter Creek in Northern California. BEAUTIFUL Country! This is the area where the California Gold Rush began ( I think it was 1849).  Another gold is present this time of year in the grasses of the rolling endless hills. Such a rich earth feeling. One finds this beauty at every corner/turn in the open road.

We did get to do some painting... and whoa... were we busy!!   17 students joined me ( hosted by Anelie Belden) for Painted Quilt Art Sat. and Sun.  What a group!  We were so busy I only got a couple pics but will show some  here.
Anelie ( whom I met at Asilomar this year) had already taken to this method so she tackled a challenging portrait.  She has more to do ( darkening eyes, adding background.)  but clearly... this is a winner. It's nice when you can see the reference photo too.

Nancy has this 1 year + gorgeous kitty ( yes... that incredible blue IS the eye color). WOW!!! The unusual eye reflections made this a real challenge to capture accurately. I know Nancy was happy, therefore I am happy with the result.

I'll post a couple more tomorrow.  I'm bummed I didn't get a chance to photo EVERY piece.  Students who forward me a photo of their work will get a brag posting!!! :-)

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