Friday, June 14, 2013

A Facing Finish

I've shown these a few times over time but 'am finishing a mixed media class sample here with a facing rather than a binding.  Once the quilted top is done, and after I've blocked and squared the result, I add a 1 3/4 " border of sorts using a 1/8 to 1/16" seam.  I've used a thin batting as it is easier to complete this effort satisfactorily.  The seam will ultimately be rolled to the back of the quilt thus the reason for the tiny seaming noted on the raw edge below.  Also note the outward edge has been turned under and stitched as a later hand stitch finished edge. Though not shown easily here, I usually from the front side... do a stay stitch in the 1/8 inch seam.  Doing so helps stabilize the finished edge and helps the hand stitching effort yet to come. Click on photos for enlarged view.
 After turning and hand stitching 2 opposite sides in a manner to be shown in following photos. Next I trim away excess fabric at the very corners of the remaining 2 sides.  This trimming minimizes bulk in the ultimate corner turn.
 I spay a sizing or starch (even water will do )along the "to be turned back seam and then iron press "IN" the corners.
 I iron turn the corners so I can see the stay stitch turned to the back, pin in place, and air dry.
  Once dry, hand stitch as you would a clothing hem or binding, and ta da!! done

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